There are many obstacles that children are faced with in Hays County, and these challenges have become more apparent than ever in the last couple of years. I hope to focus my campaign on issues that all parents care about in district 2, such as the safety of our schools and our students, especially in the face of the fentanyl crisis that has arisen in our community.

I propose an all hands on deck approach to this issue, so that no family has to endure the pain of losing a child. Secondly, I want to provide our students, teachers and administrators with the resources they need to succeed. In the face of massive growth east of I-35, it is imperative that both our facilities and staff are equipped with all things necessary to provide students with quality education.

Also, there is nothing more important to our kids' education than the sustainability of our hardworking teachers. In the face of massive resignations of educators all across the county, it is vital that we not only pay our teachers what they deserve, but provide them with enough days to maintain a healthy work life balance.

There are so many issues that I look to address. For a more detailed look at my stance on these issues and more, click on the link below to view my platform.